All of the family has helped with starting the vineyard. Matthew, my oldest, a geology major from Dension University, did all of the two budding, and helped with mowing and disking during the winter of 2012 when he was taking a gap year after finishing college, prior to starting a post baccalaureate in computer science at OSU. Christopher, my middle child who finished at Middlebury College last year in biochemistry, and Elizabeth who is a senior at Kenyon majoring in both biology and German, have helped out in different ways. Elizabeth made owl boxes and worked on the barn, and Christopher has set up weather stations for monitoring the soil moisture, temperature, rain, wind, etc, so that we will be able to make decisions on irrigation, etc.

I have been slowly transitioning from my reproductive medicine practice (Oregon Reproductive Medicine) after 25 years, to becoming a viticulturist. Although I still do medical procedures for the practice, I no longer follow patients clinically long term, as I believe that clinically following patients is a full time job.

Over the past 3 years, I have gone back to school at Chemeketa's Northwest Viticulture Center in Eola near Salem in the evenings and on weekends. I have taken both the Vineyard Management Program---where we studied grape growing while managing our own sections of the school's vineyard, to this past year during which I completed the Wine Production Program---where we made wine from the grapes that the Vineyard Management classes grew. I'm slowly starting to feel that I understand some of the basics!

Travis Cook, with Advanced Vineyard Systems, is my vineyard manager. He has been involved from the get go with almost every decision that we have made. What I can't do, Travis and his team can.